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Squamate Skull Reproductions

   Arizona Dry Bones is working hard on expanding our offerings of lizards and snakes. We have just added a Gaboon Viper and a large Rattlesnake to our Taxonomic List.


Rhinoceros Iguana
(Cyclura cornuta)
    A native of Haiti and Puerto Rico, this lizard reaches a length of more than 3 feet (1 meter). It feeds on fruit and small vertebrates. Populations are severely threatened.

Length of skull: 5 inches.
Price $139.00
Rhinoceros Iguana

Green Iguana
Green Iguana
(Iguana iguana)
    The familiar iguana kept as a pet. This lizard, native to mainland Central and South America, is completely herbivorous as an adult, and reaches a length of 6 feet.

Skull length 4.5 inches.
Price: $89.00

Caiman Lizard
(Dracaena guianensis)
    Caiman lizards are found in South America in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Brazil. These lizards spend a lot of time in the water and they inhabit marshes, streams and flooded forests. Caiman lizards often bask on branches overhanging the water. Their heavy, bulbous teeth are adapted for crushing snail shells..

Length of skull: 4.2 inches.
Price $139.00

Komodo Dragon
(Varanus komodoensis)
    The largest lizard living in the world today, it reaches lengths of just over 10 feet.

Skull length 5.9 inches.
Price: $159.00

Water Monitor
(Varanus salvator)
. The longest lizard in the world (but not the heaviest, which is the Komodo). Water monitors are perhaps the most ubiquitous monitor lizards in Asia, and range from Sri Lanka, India, Indochina, the Malay Peninsula and various islands of Malaysia. They live in tropical forested areas.

Length of skull: 5.7 inches.
Price $99.00


(Python sp.)
     This beautiful skull has all the teeth carefully reproduced. Pythons are large snakes, which constrict, then swallow their prey whole. The bones of the skull are loosely jointed to allow very large objects to be swallowed. Length of skull 4.9 inches.   Price: $99.00

Gaboon Viper
(Bitis gabonicus)
    This snake is heavy-bodied and has the longest fangs of any venomous snake.

Skull length 3.5 inches.
Price: $130.00

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