Marsupial Skull Reproductions From Arizona Dry Bones
Mammals with pouches.

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Marsupial Skull Reproductions

   Marsupials are primitive mammals which have a pouch, supported by epipubic bones, which are lacking in other mammals.


Wombat Skull Replica
Vombatus ursinus This odd marsupial, a native of Australia, can weigh as much as 39 kilograms (85 pounds). The wombat is herbivorous; its lower jaw has a particularly inflected ventral border.

Length of skull: 7.0 inches.
Price: $79.00

Phascolarctos cinereus The Koala eats primarily Eucalyptus leaves. Male skull.

Length of skull: 5.5 inches.
Price: $139.00

  Virginia Opossum
Didelphis virginianusThe only marsupial native to the United States.

Length of skull: 4.25 inches.
Price: $39.00

  Brush-tailed Possum
Trichosurus vulpecula

Length of skull: 3.9 inches.
Price: $59.00

  Tasmanian Wolf
Thylacinus cynocephalus A classic example of convergent evolution, the Tasmanian Wolf is not related to the familiar wolf at all, but is a marsupial, as its tooth count clearly reveals.

Length of skull: 8.7 inches.
Price: $119.00

  Tasmanian Devil
Sarcophilus harrisii

Length of skull: 5.6 inches.
Price: $99.00

Phalanger orientalis

Length of skull: 3.0 inches.
Price: $59.00

  Rock Wallaby
Petrogale penicillatus The Rock Wallaby is native to extreme southeastern Queensland, eastern New South Wales and Victoria.

Length of skull: 4.5 inches. Price: $59.00

  Long-nosed Potoroo
Potorus tridactylus A classic example of convergent evolution.

Length of skull: 3.0 inches. Price: $69.00

  Tree Kangaroo
Dendrolagus  sp.

Length of skull: 5.1 inches.
Price: $59.00

  Rufous Rat Kangaroo
Aepypyrmnus refescens

Length of skull: 3.3 inches.
Price: $79.00

  Long-nosed Bandicoot
Perameles nasuta

Length of skull: 3.4 inches.
Price: $69.00

  Red Wallaby
Macropus rufus

Length of skull: 7.9 inches.
Price: $119.00

  Short-nosed Bandicoot
Isodon macrourus

Length of skull: 2.7 inches.
Price: $59.00

  Woolly Opossum
Caluromys derbianus

Length of skull: 2.3 inches.
Price: $50.00

  Ring-tailed Possum
Pseudocheirus peregrinus

Length of skull: 2.2 inches.
Price: $59.00

  Mouse Opossum
Marmosa mexicana

Length of skull: 1.3 inches.
Price: $69.00

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