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MAMMAL Skull Reproductions

   While the Mammal section of our on-line catalog is under construction, we bring you a few of the mammals we have to offer. If these interest you, and you want to know what else we have, drop us a note via email!


Babyrousa babyrussa
This relative of the pig is found on the island of Sulawesi and nearby small islands. The upper tusks of the fetus are in the normal position, but during development they rotate 180 degrees so that the tusk is emerging upwards. The tusks then curl in a broad circle in front of the eyes. Early accounts speculated that the males used these tusks to hang from tree branches in the forest until an unsuspected female wandered along, whereupon the male dropped to the ground!

Length of skull 12 inches. Price $240.00

Babirusa Skull Replica

Wombat Skull Replica
Vombatus ursinus This odd marsupial, a native of Australia, can weigh as much as 39 kilograms (85 pounds). The wombat is herbivorous; its lower jaw has a particularly inflected ventral border.

Length of skull: 7 inches. Price: $79.00

Greater Anteater
Myrmecophaga tridactyla
With its extremely elongated snout and reduced lower jaw, the Giant Anteater roams the grasslands of South America searching for the termites on which it feeds. The skull is heavily ossified, with most of the sutures between the bones obliterated.

Length of skull: 15 inches. Price: $112.00

Greater Anteater Skull Replica

Binturong Skull Reproduction
Arctictis binturong
A Southeast Asian viverrid, the Binturong lives in dense forests, and is arboreal and nocturnal. The Binturong is one of only two carnivores with a prehensile tail, the other being the Kinkajou.

Length of skull: 5.5 inches. Price: $89.00


Wolf Eel
Anarrhichthys ocellatus
This fierce looking predator is often displayed in sea-aquaria and is a denizen of colder northern waters. Length of skull: 6 inches. California Academy of Sciences specimen.

Price: $99.00

Wolf Eel Skull Replica

Moray Eel Skull Replica
Moray Eel
Lycodontis funebris
With a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, It is easy to see why divers are wary of this fish. Inhabits warmer waters.

Length of skull: 5.5 inches. Price $69.00

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