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Bird Skull Reproductions

   Are birds living dinosaurs? Did dinosaurs have feathers? These questions have received a lot of press lately, but whatever the answers are, birds are still fascinating creatures. The differences in bill size and shape are almost infinite.

We offer the following birds, and will add more as specimens of interest become available.


Helmeted Hornbill
Buceros vigil
Another Hornbill with an inflated bony crest. Native to Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo.
Length 8.3 inches.
Price $99.00

Greater Flamingo
Phoenicopterus ruber
Found in Africa, Asia and Europe. Sometimes considered the same species as the South American forms.
Length of skull: 6.3 inches.
Price $90.00

Lesser Flamingo
Phoenicopterus minor
Found from Africa to Indian and Pakistan, this Flamingo often feeds on highly saline lakes.
Length 4.8 inches.
Price $80.00

Brandt's Cormorant
Phalacrocorax penicillatus
A strictly marine bird of the Pacific coast of North America. Feeds on a variety of fish.
Length of skull: 5.6 inches.
Price $39.00

Scarlet Ibis
Eudocimus ruber
A strikingly colored bird from tropical South America, Trinidad and Tobago.
Length 8.0 inches.
Price $80.00

Dacelo novaeguineae
Large terrestrial kingfishers, they are native to Australia and New Guinea.
Length of skull: 4.5 inches.
Price $99.00

Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross
Thalassarche carteri
Smallest of the mollyhawks, this bird ranges over the Pacific Ocean from South Africa to New Zealand
Length 7.0 inches.
Price $99.00

Lappet-faced Vulture
Torgos tracheliotus
An African vulture which feeds on carrion.
Skull length 6 inches.
Price $119.00

Pandion haliaetus
The Osprey is sometimes called the Fish-Eagle. It builds distinctive nests in cactus, atop power poles and other manmade structures which it reuses over many years.
Length 3.3 inches.
Price $59.00

Domestic Duck
Anas platyrhynchos
The familar white duck of our farm ponds.
Length of skull: 5.6 inches.
Price $39.00

Barn Owl
Tyto alba
Barn Owls occur world wide, on every continent except Antarctica
Skull length 3.1 inches.
Price $70.00

Scarlet Macaw
Ara macao
Found in the American tropics from eastern Mexico to Amazonian Peru and Bolivia.
Length of skull: 4.2 inches.
Price $80.00

White Pelican
Pelicanus erythrorhynchos
With a wingspan of 9 feet, the White Pelican is a graceful, deliberate flyer. Unlike the Brown Pelican, it does not dive for its food.
Skull length 17.0 inches.
Price $119.00

Brown Pelican
Pelecanus occidentalis
The smallest of the 9 species of pelican, the Brown Pelican is familar for its habit of diving awkwardly into the water to catch its prey.
Length of skull: 16.6 inches.
Price $119.00

Trumpeter Swan
Cygnus buccinator
The largest waterfowl species native to North America.
Skull length 7.7 inches.
Price $139.00

King Vulture
Sarcoramphus papa
The largest New World Vulture other than the Condor, the King Vulture is a typical carrion feeder. – a process above the foramen magnum similar to the occiptial condyle below, which serves to prevent hyper-extension of the neck.
Length of skull: 4.4 inches.
Price $99.00

Southern Cassowary
Casuarius casuarius johnsonii
A strikingly colored, large bird native to Australia. The skull sports a large bony crest, the function of which is not known.
Length 6.3 inches.
Price $99.00

Greater Roadrunner
Geococcyx californianus
The familiar bird of the American Southwest, the Roadrunner is related to the Old World Cuckoo
Length of skull: 3.4 inches.
Price $40.00


  The entire skeleton of this rare specimen has been cast. Please contact us for a price quote.
Raphus cucullatus
The legendary bird from the Mascarene Islands, extinct since 1681. Cast from an original owned by the Royal Ontario Museum.
Skull length 7.5 inches.
Price $172.00

Magellan’s Penguin
Spheniscus magellanicus
Do penguins fly? Be careful with your answer, for they most certainly do! Penguins fly underwater; almost all other diving birds are foot propelled. Penguins are birds of the southern hemisphere, but not exclusively Antarctic.
Skull length 5.5 inches.
Price: $99.00
Magellanís Penguin

Maribou Stork Skull Replica
Maribou Stork
Leptoptilos crumeniferous
This bizarre bird has a huge, powerful bill, and feeds on carrion. Skull is cast with the horny beak covering in place.
Length 15.0 inches.
Price $119.00

Golden Eagle
Aquila chryseatos
Most of us are familiar with this majestic animal. The skull is broad, and supports powerful muscles that can produce a bone crushing bite.
Length 5.0 inches.
Price $99.00
Golden Eagle Skull Replica

Greater Hornbill Skull Replica
Greater Hornbill
Buceros bicornis
All hornbills share a unique derived feature on the skull – a process above the foramen magnum similar to the occiptial condyle below, which serves to prevent hyper-extension of the neck.
Length of skull: 12 inches.
Price $119.00

Great Horned Owl
Bubo virginianus
This familiar owl is found throughout North America. It is a major predator of mice, small rabbits and other birds.
Length of skull 2.5 inches.
Price $99.00
Great Horned owl

Toucan Skull Replica
Ramphastos bicolor

A bird of the tropical forest, the toucan eats fruits and seeds which it crushes in its powerful bill. The skull has been cast with the horny beak covering in place, and is colored to match the living animal.
Skull length 8.5 inches.
Price $99.00

Melagris gallopavo
Proposed by Benjamin Franklin as the symbol for the United States in place of the eagle, and now raised in large numbers to grace the Thanksgiving table, this ground feeding bird is familiar to everyone.
Skull length 4.5 inches.
Price $30.00

California Condor
Gymnogyps californianus
This majestic bird, nearly extinct, is now being reintroduced into parts of California and Arizona. From the collections of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (#544), Male (?) animal was found dead in Kern County, California in 1945.
Skull length 6.0 inches. Price $99.00

Note: complete skeleton is now available; skeleton can be mounted in any position, as each bone has been cast separately. Contact us for pricing information.

Pachyornis elephantopus
Many species of Moa formerly lived in New Zealand. They are now extinct, despite persistent reports of Moa sightings. Sculpted recreation of a skull.
Length 6.4 inches.
Price $99.00

Teratornis merriami
The great predator of the La Brea Tar Pits, with a wingspan of 14 feet.
Length of skull: 9.0 inches.
Price $119.00

Roseate Spoonbill
Ajaia ajaia

Length 8.6 inches.
Price $79.00

Common Raven
Corvus corax

Length of skull: 4.7 inches.
Price $39.00

Domestic Goose
Anser anser
The familiar barnyard goose.
Length 5.6 inches.
Price $39.00

Turkey Vulture
Cathartes aura

Length of skull: 3.7 inches.
Price $30.00

Boat-billed Heron
Cochlearius cochlearius

Length 4.5 inches.
Price $59.00

Red-tailed Hawk
Buteo jamaicensis

Length of skull: 4.5 inches.
Price $79.00

Great Auk
Pinguinus impennis
Extinct; skull with hyoid apparatus.
Length 6.1 inches.
Price $119.00

King Penguin
Aptenodytes patagonica

Length of skull: 7.6 inches.
Price $99.00

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